About Us

A Unique Type of Tutoring Company

We pride ourselves on making sure that your child receives the very best classroom instruction every time he/she uses Tutorgiant.com. We are the first tutoring company in the WORLD to offer full curriculum online classroom instruction. Our unique interactive lessons allow your child to work with the teacher 24/7. 

Mission Statement

Tutorgiant.com is an online tutoring company that changes the face of education everyday. With expert certified tutors in all subjects, our goal is to deliver a high-quality educational experience to students of all levels and ages. Our mission is your child’s success. 

Why Tutorgiant.com?

We founded our company because we feel that conventional education sometimes is not enough. The school curriculum has become more advanced than ever before. Although we support and admire classroom teachers for their continued efforts in the classroom, we realize that some students need more. Unfortunately, they can’t always get more because classroom instruction is limited by the time frame that the school day allows. Many students need extra instruction; after all, good instruction is the key ingredient for academic success. In terms of the average classroom, many educators consider this a crisis. This crisis is sharpened by the fact that traditional private tutoring may be difficult and expensive to obtain ($30-$60 per hour). Our online videos give your child unlimited, professional, and detailed instruction that can’t be obtained anywhere else. 

Why We Do What We Do

We are knowledgeable and caring teachers who understand what is needed for student success. We continuously receive e-mails from students who thank us for helping them get better grades. Knowing that our system of education is successful is why we do what we do.