Why is Tutorgiant.com Different? 

We are the first and only tutoring website that offers online classroom instructional videos by a certified teacher. First, students watch the concept and skill being taught, and then they use the worksheet and go through the concept and skill again with the teacher on the video. TUTORGIANT.COM IS NOT A LIVE TUTORING SERVICE. 

Why Do I Need Tutorgiant? 

The rigorous school curriculum and the lack of available instructional time make it hard for some students to keep up. Also, personalized face-to-face tutoring may be difficult to find and coordinate, not to mention expensive! Tutorgiant.com uses the benefits of the internet to make personalized instruction accessible and affordable, so that your child can first master the basics and then take a few giant-sized steps towards success.

Also, Tutorgiant.com is a great tool for your child to ‘get ahead’. Your child will be able to receive any lesson at home before it is even taught in school. This head start is priceless and quite rare. Only at Tutorgiant.com will you find classroom lessons from a classroom teacher.

Are There Any Long Term Contracts?

No. You get the time that you pay for.

When Is The Service Available? 

You can watch the videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Do I Contact Customer Service? 

You can always e-mail us.

Does Tutorgiant.com Really Help Students?

See our written and video testimonials. It works because your child is receiving the same curriculum that the school boards teach. Furthermore, the lessons can be viewed as often and as many times as you and your child wish. Your child will be taught and participate in the lesson over and over again, until it sinks in.

How Does Your Pricing Work?

You can join Tutorgiant.com for different time periods. All membership plans include full access to ALL videos. 

Who Can Use This Service?

Any student, at any age.

If My Child Is In Grade 4, Should He Watch All The Videos?

Your child should watch Tutorgiant.com videos according to his/her needs. For example, if your child always earns A+ in English but struggles in math, then the math videos are what you need. Your child will still benefit from watching the English videos as well because there are always new concepts and different perspectives. It’s not all about grades! Ask your child’s teacher exactly what lessons your child needs for improvement.

What Materials Should My Child Have In Order to Watch The Videos?

Your child must have a pencil and eraser for every video. Math tools are needed according to the grade level. Younger children should also have some coloring utensils.

Why Do I See Similar English Lessons Throughout All The Grades?

Reading skills do not change from grade 1 to grade 12. What does change though is the complexity of the literature and student answers. For example, let’s take the reading strategy ‘making connections’. This strategy requires that the student uses his own experiences and background knowledge in order to relate to what he is reading. A grade 1 student who is reading about the Egyptian Pyramids might make a connection by stating that he saw the pyramids on television, or he has seen the pyramids on a cartoon. Another student in grade 5 will have a different connection. She may say that she has seen a documentary or read a history book about the pyramids. She may also state that she did a project on King Tut and already knows much about the pyramids. As we move up in grades, we can see that even older students can make different types of connections. A grade 8 student who is reading about the pyramids will make higher order thinking connections. He may say that the pyramids remind him of math, when he was studying the volume of 3-D shapes. Or, he could connect the pyramids with what he knows about mythologies from other civilizations.
A grade 2 student can learn to summarize the Three Little Bears just as a high school student can learn to summarize Shakespeare. Summarizing requires the same skill, the detail and difficulty are different.