How to Sustain your Career Growth?


You worked hard, you put in the extra effort and you have done everything you need to do to get your career growing. But after a certain period, it all just stops. No matter what you keep doing, you don’t seem to be moving forward. This happens with many people. They grow in their profession, but they cannot continue to fuel the growth and after a point, they stop. Once the growth stops, you also start losing interest in your own profession, which is not a good thing considering that you have work for a long time until retirement. But fear not, there are few things you can do to continue growing. They are:

Network within your department – Poor communication and poor working relationships is one of the main causes of stagnation of growth. Be on good terms with everyone and let there be proper communication. It will all start to flow again. 

Be a Leader – You can get promoted up to a certain point, but if you do not show any leadership skills, you will stagnate at that point. Unless you show the management any of your leadership skills, nothing is going to happen. So, the next time there is an opportunity to take initiative, do it show you are up for the challenge.  

Do a Management Course – Doing a management related course with certification can certainly push your chances of having sustainable growth. This just might be the only thing missing in your career. One example is that you are in the procurement department so you get sustainable procurement training to keep growing. 

Use all the things mentioned above and kick-start your career. 

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