Learn About The Mandatory Requirements For A Massage Therapy Licensure

Massage therapist is a common profession nowadays. Every year, there is a great increase in the number of professional therapists. With the continuous demand in this profession, there are endless opportunities for aspiring masseuse and masseur. However, one cannot simply be a qualified therapist. One must go through meticulous training and pass a definitive licensure exam. Here is a guide for the requirement when you want to professionalize in massage therapy in New York City.

Applying for a license can be stressful if you have no clue what to do and where to start. It is similar to going to war unprepared. If you are unprepared, you risk the chance of winning. Without the right information, you may end up going in circles and wasting your time. Preparing beforehand is crucial because this can greatly help you in the process and keep things organized. This article may serve as a guide when you apply for a license in this specific state.

First and foremost, the applicant is required to have completed a course in therapeutic massage. Moreover, to work as a masseuse or masseur, one must obtain the required license. They will not be allowed to start without a license for they may worsen an existing ailment that their client is currently having, without the proper training and experience.

The New York Department of Education is the one responsible for issuing the specified license to the applicants if even they can pass. The very basic requirements include being at least eighteen years old, having a good moral character, reaching the specified education requirements, passing the examination requirements and finished a course in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in three years before the licensure.

Applicants must be able to apply for licensure and some other forms that are required. They also need to prepare an appropriate amount of money because there are fees that are needed to be paid to the Office of the Professions, which can be partially refunded should you decide to withdraw your application. To know more about this, you may check the Regulations of the Commissioner to thoroughly study the whole process.

The New York Board demands a thousand hours of education on this specific type of therapy, which includes a study on pathology, anatomy, neurology, physiology, myology, and many more. In cases where people who finished some programs that did not meet the required number of hours, these massage therapy graduates can still apply. Considering that they have completed five hundred hours of education.

As for the experienced massage therapists, their requirements are much less than those who are applying for the first time. If they have at least five years of recent experience, the licensing agency credits a year of their experience if they have an average of twelve hours per week. For those with lower years of experience, they are required to have eight hundred hours.

Finally, before you will be admitted for an examination, you should be able to pass and meet all the requirements. The exams are held only two times per year. The first one is in January and the second one is in August. Make sure that you mark your calendars so that you will not miss these dates and since they are only held two times a year, you will have a generous amount of time to prepare. Arrange your schedule and accomplish all the required materials and forms.

For additional information, you may directly contact the New York Department of Education and inquire about this matter. You can also contact the Office of the Professions, they are open for general customer service inquiries. As for those who would like to know if they are eligible for an endorsement, they can contact the State Board for Massage Therapy.

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