Make Your Statement Through Value Added Networks

A business network of value-added connectivity will sound like something from science fiction to most people, but this could be a very useful service for businesses of all sizes. If you are looking to start an online IT-related business, you might also want to consider the entire field of value-added networks (VANs) as an area of expertise.

So what exactly is a value-added network? Simply put, it is a private network provider, used to transmit information from one business to another. While it is certainly possible to use the World Wide Web for this purpose, many companies found it more economical and safer to use independent VAN to move their information.

These days, value-added networks offer many services including edi translator, encryption, secure e-mail, and management reporting. With your own value-added network connectivity business, you can help companies find the right VAN to suit their needs and set them up so that they can put it to use smoothly and efficiently.


But using a value-added network comes with its own set of problems and processes and the company may need help navigating these waters. As an experienced IT professional, you can sign in and provide the knowledge they need to access VAN and use it effectively to the needs of each.

If it means the difference between walking in place and able to connect with other businesses and expand their reach, and consequently their profits, companies will be eager to do what it takes to make this technology work for them. The bottom line for any business is to make money and part of the equation which keeps the cost down, even when you drive profits up.

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