Plumbing Tips – How to Unblock a Toilet

Every person uses the toilet at some point in their lives. Blocked toilets are a big nuisance and are very inconveniencing and it is important to have them unclogged as soon as possible.

You can always try to unblock the toilet on your own but if your efforts do not work, then you will need to call in a plumber. You can also visit to find out about the best toilet unblocking services in Dublin.

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Removing the solid build of human excrement, like a work of art, it takes time and patience. You cannot force it out. Here are some useful tips to lift the pipe rotten partial blockage in the country.


You do not have to flush anything down the toilet is greater than the average human feces. blocked toilet is usually the result of a "big foreign item" improper disposal. Here is a list of things that you do not have to flush down the toilet:

• Diapers

• Sanitary towels

• Children's toys, such as toy tractor or complete Lego pirate ship

Do not keep flushing it

If you suspect your toilet is blocked not – we repeat, not – kept flushing it. You can only make things very bad for yourself, the floor and any new clothes you might wear.

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