Some Of The Disposal And Recycling Tricks Of Electronic Waste

In simple terms, scientists define electronic waste as the disposal of all kinds of electronic products, including any kind of electronic materials, which may be reused, recycled, resold, salvaged and disposed of.

Electronic products that constitute to electronic waste include items such as television sets, computers, radio sets, office electronic equipment, refrigerators, mobile phones and electronic entertainment equipment.

Understanding electronic waste management

As the name suggests, e-waste management is simply managing e-waste by recycling, reusing, or refurbishing all electronic products in a proper manner without causing harm to the human and natural environment.

It is unfortunate that 75% of electronic gadgets are stored because of ignorance, and lack of information on how to dispose of them. You can contact professionals for Electronic Waste and Leased Equipment in Washington, DC.

All these electronic products lie in offices or homes unattended until they eventually end up in landfills. This, in turn, destroys the environment on so many levels. It thus becomes necessary to take proper and effective recycling steps.

Some steps for proper e-waste management for companies

An effective e-waste management system begins right at the manufacturing stage. Manufacturing companies should aim to adopt waste minimization techniques such as production process modification, inventory management, volume reduction, and recovery and reuse. Experts recommend that manufacturers make the products to be environmentally friendly right from the design. They should pay attention to the following aspects:

· Design the product such that it uses as less hazardous material as possible

· Use renewable-based raw materials and energy, which means the raw materials are bio-plastics, biodegradable or plant-based chemicals

· Use safer non-renewable materials that can be repaired, reused or upgraded to reduce e-waste

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