Sports Psychology For Swimmers

Over the years, I have been advising athletes from almost every sport from around the world. In the past, I have trained a lot of swimmers and now I'm working with some very competitive swimmers and talented. Some hope to make the Olympics.

The beauty of working with the swimmers is that they gave me, the coaches and their parents a good sense of the nature and severity of the problem. While some pool was much faster than the other, swimmers and fractional time tells a lot about its strengths and weaknesses in the show. You can find expert sports performance enhancement psychologist in Toronto from various online sources.  

Last week, I got a call from a swimmer who had lost eight seconds off his best time in their events. Obviously, this is a huge drop and it showed a large decline in the progress of athletes. Swimmer and his mother are quite concerned and confused as to what caused this decline in performance.

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Two months ago, I worked with a swimmer who lost another swimmer by a fraction of a second. He was quite intimidated by other swimmers and seemed to lose confidence and focus every time she races against this enemy.

From a psychological standpoint, this is a very different situation. And this kind of coaching athletes needs to be very different. The first swimmer really "stuck," and may require mental improvement. The second swimmer needs more than a tune-up.

When swimmers psychological responds positively to psychological intervention and we see a decrease in time, we know we are on the right path. Conversely, if there is no change in time, we may need to go in a different direction.

Some methods are swimmers find help included in How to get into the zone with sport psychology and self-hypnosis and one of the books I get into the zone in just one minute.

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