Tips To Make Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are suitable for both formal and casual. Hoop earrings made of pearls can look great on a girl, and you can easily make them at home.

How to make?

Once you have collected all the materials, the rest is pretty simple. Just follow the instructions given below and your income will be made in less than an hour:

Step # 1: Cut the wire: First things you should consider is the size of the circles you want. The best way to get an idea of the size is to draw a circle on the paper with a compass. Keep drawing a circle until you think the right size. Cut the wire equal to it, and if you cannot find the hook, then cut at least an inch longer.  You can find ocean gemstones from various online sources.

Step # 2: Make hoop: The next step is to create a circle to circle it. Again for this, pick up the paper draws a circle and cut the wire. Keep a small part molding of wire with pliers and attach it to the paper with tape to make sure that they are in the right shape. Continue to do so until a complete circle is formed.

Step # 3: Add pearls: If you want to fill the hoop with beads, and then make sure that you leave at least a half-inch space from both ends. Hold each pearl between your fingers, and began passing them through one wire at a time.

Step # 4: Replace or making a hook after you finish putting a pearl through them; just put the earring hook and you are ready to wear. If you do not have a hook, you can only bend the end of the extra wire to make a circle, and bend the wire from the other end at an angle of 90 degrees.

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