Ways To Avoid Common Driveway Repair Frauds

Almost every day, you hear about fraud that occurs in the name of renovations or home improvements. Whether it is house repairs or roadwork improvements, there are a number of unscrupulous people out there who are ready to fool you of your hard-earned money.

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Types of Frauds

  • Someone might appear suddenly and tell you that he has repaired the garage in the next block, and he has some ingredients left with him. But as soon as he started his work, he continued to raise the price by saying that there was too much damage and that it required more time and material than he originally thought.
  • Someone might come up to you and claim that a damaged entrance will invite police action unless you fix it in a day.
  • Once again there are people who charge affordable road repair costs in advance and collect cash costs disappear altogether.

How To Avoid Fraud

  • Never allow anyone to do work in a hurry. This is your money and your road design must be considered.
  • Don't fall prey to someone who offers a very low price for the job.
  • Ask for a documented estimate before starting with the work. It's better to take quotes from at least three vendors.
  • Ask for references. Go and see for yourself how the work is done before assigning work.
  • Never be pressured by those who give now or never offer. If the offer is genuine, it can be done after a few days too.
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