What To Do In Israel?

Israel is a beautiful country to visit. The climate is good most of the year and the choice of attractions varies from north to south.

There are various sites to visit during your Israel exclusive tour. Some of them are as follows:

Jerusalem – Located high in the Judean Hill, Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, is one of the most extraordinary cities in the world, presenting a unique combination of ancient history, spiritual purity, and colorful culture.

A visit to Jerusalem, known as the City of Gold, is indeed an unforgettable experience. Jerusalem is a paradise for lovers of history, culture, and architecture.

Tel Aviv – Located in the center of the country, on the Mediterranean coast. Unlike Jerusalem, Tel Aviv is the center of business and Israeli nightlife. On the beach rope is a nice walking distance with many luxury hotels.

Eilat – The southernmost place in Israel. Eilat is a holiday town that enjoys warm weather in winter and very hot summers. This city attracts many people throughout the year.

Many attractions can be found there such as coral beaches, scuba diving, coral dolphins and lots of clear water and sun.

The Dead Sea – To the east of Israel lies the magical Dead Sea. There are a number of hotels, some with private beaches. Near the corpse, see located "Masada" which is a very popular site.

Haifa – It is the 3rd largest city after Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, located in northern Israel, near the Mediterranean Sea. The height of Carmel is the main view of the area, many parks and green fields located in Haifa.

Of course, the main attraction is the Bahai Park, which is very amazing for its beauty.

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