What You Should Know About History Of Cigars?

Cigars are popular for a long time. There are many cigar bars in the market now. Many sponsors move there so that they could sit back and interact with other cigar smokers. Tobacco has a much longer history which spans not just time but continents too.

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Tobacco, a plant indigenous to the Americas, was developed and used by the Mayans. The prevalence of the plant spread across the south and north as some other tribes started to cultivate it. Following Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, tobacco attained international attention and became so popular in Europe too.

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The sailors heard of it by the natives and discovered they loved using it. There, its use became widespread when it started to be employed by the folks in France. It had been so popular that there, the French Ambassador, Jean Nicot enabled scientists to connect his name to it, thus the term cigarette.

A cigar is wrapped tobacco that's wrapped in tobacco leaves. They are available in various shapes and sizes. The source of this cigar was credited to Spain. Their popularity rose from the early 19th century following the Peninsula War, once the soldiers returned home in Spain. 

Nowadays, there are lots of kinds and brands of cigars to select from. Smoking cigars remain a favorite past time for people around the world and if you want quality cigars then search for a trusted online cigar seller.

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